2019 Bathroom Remodel Trends

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Bathrooms have to be one of the essential rooms of a house. People use bathrooms to take quick showers, relax in the tub and to get freshen up every day before going to work. It is safe to say that most people care about how their bathrooms look and feel. People want it to look aesthetic yet comfortable. With every passing day, bathroom renovations trends change. Designers are always trying to strike the right balance between comfort, functionality, and beauty.

In 2019, they plan on achieving this using the following bathroom remodel trends.

Contemporary bathroom vanities

One of the items that traditionally took a lot of space in a bathroom is the sink. There was a time when an entire wall used to be allocated to the sink, which featured its own cupboards and a sleek platform.

However, now people are moving towards minimalism. Everyone strives to save space while also ensuring that each element of their bathroom performs its functional duty seamlessly. In the case of the sink, this has been achieved by the use of contemporary vanities.

It is up to the homeowner to decide whether they want a countertop on it or not. Regardless, a vanity helps in saving a lot of space while giving your bathroom a modern look. In 2019, vanities will serve as the focal point of bathrooms.

To make vanity tops, marble and quartz are likely to be used. People who want additional floor space can also mount the structure onto the wall. Since vanities are available in both single and double sink, one can alter it to suit their needs.

Those who prefer having storage space in their sink can add drawers to it too. Basically, you can custom design your vanity to be just as small or big as you like. The good thing about this trend is that it is flexible. Alter it to suit your space and other requirements.

Luxurious showers will take the lead

So far, showers might merely serve a functional role. However, going into 2019, this functional role is going to get elevated. Now, large and open shower spaces will take the place of tubs. Previously, tubs were a staple in every house. Now, two-person showers will take their place.

There is also an increasing trend towards toxin-releasing showers as well as wet rooms. However, due to their pricey nature, not everyone would be adopting them into their bathroom spaces. They do signal the trend towards the luxurious bathroom. This means that more and more people are likely to opt for bathroom renovations that ooze luxury and royalty.

Blend between old and new

While contemporary vanities are surely a trend for 2019 bathroom renovations, this doesn’t mean that modern looking bathrooms will rule. Instead, it has been observed that people like to mix things up. Rather than purely choosing vintage or modern designs, a hybrid of the two is said to be on the rise.

The most significant impact of this will be seen in the cabinetries of the bathroom. Vintage looks will be popular, with a move towards oak. However, a modern twist will be added to the design to make it look rustic yet new. For instance, vintage cabinets may feature an oak material but with a matte pink or high gloss black finish. The same trend will also be reflected through the accessories present in the bathroom.

Large bathrooms and optical illusions

If you are renovating your bathroom in 2019, you should consider enlarging it or making it seem larger than it is. Why? This is because large bathrooms are one of the biggest trends of 2019. Bathrooms are no longer seen as a place used merely for hygiene. Now, it is a relaxation spot for many. Moreover, a lot of individuals use it to conduct their makeup routines as well.

People require comfort along with functionality. Using a stuffy bathroom is surely not comfortable. This is why designers now recommend expanding bathrooms by taking up space from other rooms or using the space occupied by unused wardrobes.

There is a real possibility that your house may not feature enough space for expansion of your bathroom. That’s okay. Here, optical illusions can be sought to make it seem that the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. This can be achieved by replacing old tiles with bigger tiles so that the room looks more spacious. Bigger tiles also call for lesser joints, that leads to less dust accumulation. So, not only will the bathroom look bigger this way but it will also look cleaner.

Black faucets and asymmetrical accessories

In previous years as well, black was consistently in style. The same is likely to continue in the future as well. Even though warm tones are likely to replace cool ones in 2019, matte black will continue to be in fashion. Whether it be faucets or sinks, black is here to stay.

Another trend that will be observed in 2019 is asymmetrical accessories. Generally, bathrooms feature monotonous and standard accessories. They don’t allow people to reflect their personality or give a proper character to the room. However, this is going to change with the introduction of asymmetrical accessories. Play with patterns present on the walls and floors of the bathroom. Be as creative with it all as you please. The same asymmetrical designs can also be reflected in drawers, cabinets, and shelves. However, since these are items that are hard to replace, it is better to start with accessories and then see how quickly you get bored of the style before committing to it long-term. 


These are some of the major bathrooms remodel trends of 2019 and there are many more! To make the most out of them, make sure you invest in quality services by hiring Lifestyle Renovations. Getting professionals to remodel the bathroom is likely to yield the best result.

Rather than merely having a bathroom that has no personality or expression, remodel it to be beautiful, comfortable and vibrant. Make use of the trends to create your stylish bathroom.

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