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Whether you are looking to renovate a commercial office or modernise or convert your garage, our team of experienced contractors can help you bring your vision to life. Book a free consultation today for other project renovation services

Lifestyle Reno is the one-stop destination for different types of major home renovation services like bathroom, kitchen, and basement renovations in Calgary. In addition to these primary home renovation services, we also specialize in other renovation services, such as exterior home renovation, fireplace renovation, etc. Some of the other renovation services that we specialize in are:

Exterior Home

The exterior of any home is among the vital parts of any house because it is the only thing any passerby sees. It not only protects you from elements but can also be a useful space in the summer. Whether you want to add a bit more appeal, need more space in the sun, or require some necessary repairs, Lifestyle Reno has all the answers. We provide top-rated services when it comes to exterior home renovation.

We, at Lifestyle Reno, knows the importance of a well-maintained exterior on your family’s health. The cracks in the foundations can allow the molds to grow, therefore affecting your family’s health. Moreover, outdated or poorly installed windows can also increase cooling or heating expenses. We will address all your exterior home needs and make sure that it meets the necessary building code standards and also fits aesthetically into the neighborhood.


At Lifestyle Reno, we can create beautiful and functional fireplace designs that add substance to your home. We will take care of your aesthetic choices to blend within your space. The final result is a fireplace that only looks stunning but also works precisely how it should. We can also help you in determining the perfect location for the fireplace according to other renovations, foundational support, existing basement configuration, and the location of various home mechanical systems.


Renovating your home flooring can enhance the overall feel and look of your home. We provide complete flooring renovation service at affordable prices and work with any flooring option, be it hardwood, carpet, bamboo, or cork flooring. We have the solution for almost every flooring issue.


We are specialists in designing and building different types of garages. We also make customized garages that are pocket-friendly, reliable, elegant, and fully functional. Since we can make customized garages, you will find features that are not available in conventional garages. We, at Lifestyle Reno, specialize in all aspects of garage renovation. We transform messy, cluttered garages into tidy, practical, and organized spaces. All the garages that we build and design are the perfect combinations of craftsmanship and sturdiness. These garages not only look magnificent but also endures the test of time.


Lifestyle Reno can turn the staircase into your home’s main attraction, whether you are looking to update your existing stairs or build a new one. Our vast collection of staircase renovation designs can bring back life to your staircase without needing any structural work. We offer plenty of material choices for renovation, such as classic oak, exotic hardwoods, rich walnut, etc.

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Call us now to book a free home consultation with our exterior home and garage renovation experts. Our well experienced and highly-skilled will visit your home, understand the work scope, and then offer appropriate recommendations. Our renovation services positively impact the overall appeal and, therefore, enhance the property’s value. As a result, you are stand to gain when you hire Lifestyle Reno for home renovation services.


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