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Expert Basement Renovation Company – Calgary AB

Lifestyle Renovations are experienced to create your basement development. Whether it is for function or for pleasure, we can transform your space into reality. Basement renovations Calgary expects.

Lifestyle Reno has years of experience providing the best basement renovation services in Calgary, resulting in hundreds of satisfied homeowners. We provide affordable and efficient solutions for various basement problems such as basement leaking, wall cracks, molds, odor, sump pump failure, etc.

The basement renovation projects are much more straightforward than a stand-alone room addition. This is because basements do not need additional exterior construction, apart from maybe window installation. Moreover, the basement already has electrical and plumbing in place, which also helps keep the costs down.

Best Basement Renovation Services in Calgary

Generally, the basement is the most neglected and undervalued area in the house. Leaving an unfinished basement can result in damp floors and walls packed with humid air. In most houses, the basement is a dark, ugly space that is mainly used for anything but storage. This is where Lifestyle Reno comes in handy.

At Lifestyle Reno, we can transform your basement from an under-utilized space into something novel and superior, therefore adding weight to your home. We can also resolve all the adverse effects of an unfinished basement to add value and valuable space to your home.

Renovating the basement with the same detail and zeal as the rest of the home can add valuable additional living space and also improve storage or utility areas. We can convert your basement into an extra living room, home gym, fireplaces, family rooms, entertainment centers, wine cellar, and even saunas. You can also rent the basement to others to generate an extra source of income.

At Lifestyle Reno, we believe constant communication is the key to completing any renovation project successfully. As a result, you are updated about every step of the project. We know all the legal as well as safety requirements and precautions and will obtain all the necessary permits. If, however, any complication arises, we will bring it to your attention along with the proposed solutions. We will make sure to turn your existing basement into your dream basement.

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Call us now to book a free home consultation with our basement renovation experts. We will evaluate the basement, analyze the foundation, and explain the scope of work. We will renovate your basement into something that you will cherish for rest of your life.

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