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Small Space Renovation Ideas

small space renovations

Home renovations are worth it, but they do take time and effort. If you live in a smaller house you may find yourself running out of space to keep things or are constantly bumping into furniture, then it might be time to change things up. Small space renovations are more about adding storage space and organizing everything in a better way. You can learn how to upgrade your homes using the tips listed below and contact a contractor to complete.

Add Built-in Storage

Storage is always a necessity around homes especially if it is a larger family. Everyone wants to keep their things in an organized manner and not have them lying all over the place. The best solution for a smaller home is to add built-in storage so that it does not take up room. The storage area is also built specifically for an individual room depending on its belongings. For example, a living room should have shelves to keep all the decoration pieces and television accessories or other personal items. You can get creative with the storage and use doors or racks made of a variety of materials and colors.

Another trick to utilizing all the space available is to add storage in-between the teleposts of a basement. This place is usually too small for furniture so it can be used to put up shelves. When renovating a home, every nook and cranny has to be taken advantage of in a functional and stylish way.

Open Up Floor Space

A room can feel smaller if it is crowded with furniture so to make it look more spacious it is recommended that you get rid of a few things. If you do not want to throw anything away then built-in units can help create more open floor space. Contractors are experts at working with limited area and they can suggest ideas on what would work well with your house. Chairs, benches, sofas can be built-in to not make them look like they are occupying the whole room.

Use the Area Under the Stairs

There are many spaces inside a home that people neglect when renovating. The space underneath the stairs is a random storage place in most homes. With proper planning, it can be turned into a great corner. Homeowners often lack the imagination required to envision anything in the awkward little hole but with the help of the right contractor they can imagine multiple possibilities and create a well-loved area of the house.

Get a Murphy Bed

If you need an additional bedroom for guests but have to sacrifice other functions for that then a great compromise is getting a murphy bed.  It is the perfect solution for smaller homes because the fold-up bed can go into the wall and create more space in the room. The room looks tidier once the bed isn’t there and you have more room to move about. Homeowners are deciding to combine a guest bedroom with a study or living room because they do not have additional space. Other than the bed there are other foldable chairs or tables that can be added to a room and then stored away when they are no longer required.

Renovate Around the Space Available

Renovating is always about adding more functionality to a place and that is what contractors help you do when they are hired for a project. They take measurements and then find out what you want to do with the space before making any suggestions. It may be about adding shelves and storage spaces or building office corners in a nook of a room. There is always unused space that homeowners overlook and once it is utilized they can get a lot more out of their small home.

Create the Illusion of Additional Space

If you have a congested living room and you want a bigger room to host larger parties then you can do so without having to move to a bigger house. Decorative mirrors facing each other or glasses work like that and make the eye think there is infinite space. Also adding windows to make light bounce around the room cake make the room look brighter. White paint and natural light make a room seem larger but if the room is painted a darker color then add a white border at the top of the ceiling to make the room seem wider as the eyes are drawn upwards. Furniture should also be scaled to the size of a room so a giant sofa and long coffee table will not help the situation.

Use Every Corner

There is a lot of potential in the corners of the house and you can create more room by moving the furniture to the ends. Sometimes a nook can be used to add an extra closet or powder room without having to sacrifice on a lot of floor space.


Lifestyle Renovations are aware of several tricks on how to make a small space become practical and functional. They may suggest colors to paint the wall and whether it is possible to push back or take down walls to open up the room. Contractors take navigating the room, storage and existing furniture needs into consideration as well. To make the house look even bigger it would help to cut down on the clutter and stick to a minimalistic style.

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