Winters are long in Canada, and the thing that makes winter even more difficult is to crawl out of warm cozy bed, in the middle of the night or early morning, and go to the cold bathroom. Follow our bathroom winter tips below so you can make your winters tolerable and enjoy your warm and comfortable bathroom:

Install heated floors:

Consider getting heated flooring in your bathroom in order to keep it warm and cozy. Bathroom tiles often create a very chilly and cold atmosphere, with the help of heated flooring it prevents a warm feeling in your bathroom during the winter. This tip may sound heavy on the pocket but since we have winter season for a large part of the year – investing in heated flooring is a good idea.

There are two types of heated floors, dry and wet flooring. In a dry system, electronic wires are used to heat up the floor, whereas, in a wet system, hot water tubes are used for heated flooring. A professional will be able to explain which system is going will fit your needs.

Use heated lights/lamps:

Infrared heating lamps are very beneficial and easy on the pocket as well. They come in different designs and sizes. It is best to go for the ones that suit the overall décor and color theme of your bathroom. The latest ones are waterproof and provide instant heating. By putting these heated lights in the bathroom, you get light as well as the heating, which keeps the bathroom temperature warm and comfortable in winters. It is best to get them installed by a professional electrician.

Heated towel racks:

You do not have to wrap yourself in a cold towel after a hot bath anymore. Heated towel racks or stands are easily available at any home store. Both types of towel racks are widely available, you can either get a towel stand or install a towel rack on the bathroom wall. Put them near the shower area so they are easily accessible. Warm towels can be used whenever you visit your bathroom, either after a shower or after washing your face or hands.

Renovate bathroom with warm tones:

It is one of the most important bathroom winter tips, color selection, and wood type has a significant effect on the perception of the temperature. With warm tones and dark color, wood makes the overall temperature of the bathroom feels warm and cozy. Renovation of your bathroom with warm tone color like beige, burgundy, maroon, yellow, etc. for the winters.

Let in some sunlight:

During the day, make sure to let some sunshine in the bathroom as it really helps increase the overall temperature. Make sure you have curtains or blinds in the bathroom that can easily be pulled up so some heat can make its way through the windows. The temperature of the bathroom stays comfortable all day if you allow some heat inside the bathroom during the day. Furthermore, ensure that the windows in the bathroom are designed in a way that it allows sunlight inside for the most part of the day.

Insulate windows and pipes:

Before the beginning of the winter season, make sure to insulate pipes and check windows thoroughly for any gaps or holes that may allow cold air to enter the bathrooms. If cold air finds a way of entering your bathroom then taking other measures to keep it warm becomes useless. If there are any cracks or gaps, a contractor can fix them easily by sealing them with silicon. Insulating pips is also important otherwise they can get damaged in severely cold weather.

Use natural elements to warm up your bathroom:

Another important and easy to follow bathroom winter tip is to add natural elements in the bathroom to warm up the temperature. These elements may include candles, plants, wooden shelves and racks, warm bathroom rugs in the washing area or outside the bathtub, etc. Use your creative side to naturally keep the temperature on the warmer side and give an intimate feeling. Adding these elements also improves the look of the bathroom and it looks good to the eye.

The above bathroom winter tips are very helpful in keeping your bathroom warm and cozy in winters. The winters are harsh and there is only one way to get through the winters, by keeping yourself warm. You cannot cut down on your bathroom trips or showers just to avoid going to the bathroom when it is cold. Therefore, it is better to invest a little time and money and make your bathroom bearable during winters. If your bathroom needs up-gradation or renovation, then it is better to consider the above tips before getting started with your renovations. You’ll have to invest only once and enjoy the outcomes for years to come. Always consider hiring a professional for new installations and additions in the bathroom as their advice is important for all renovations and installations.