Baeumler Approved

We are Pleased to announce Lifestyle Renovations is now Baeumler Approved!

What is Baeumler Approved?

Our goal at Baeumler Approved is to help homeowners connect with contractors, trades, and home service providers from across Canada. We help homeowners know what to look for and vouch for a history of good service by speaking with previous clients and collaborators.

All Baeumler Approved members are required to make a commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality service by signing our code of conduct. If a member is found to have broken their commitment, they can be removed from our database.

Why does this program exist?

It is too often that we hear of homeowners being ripped off or misled by contractors or service providers that are only out to make a quick buck. The Baeumler Approved Program was established in order to help homeowners avoid these fly-by-night businesses and connect with reputable companies with a history of integrity and quality work.


What is our code of conduct?

All Baeumler Approved Members are required to sign, and adhere to our Code of Conduct, based on Bryan’s approach to customer service and satisfaction.


baeumlerTreat all of their customers and their property with respect.

baeumlerProvide quotes that are fair, honest and reasonable.

baeumlerKeep the customer abreast of project progression.

baeumlerFollow all federal, provincial/state and municipal bylaws.

baeumlerMaintain active insurance and follow health and safety regulations.

baeumlerProvide employees with education and training for safety.

baeumlerMaintain a clean and safe workplace for staff and customers.

baeumlerComplete work to a professional standard.

We encourage feedback from homeowners in regard to work completed by our members. You are encouraged to contact us. We will address complaints/issues; we love hearing about your satisfaction!

If a member is not compliant with our code-of conduct or performs work that does not meet our standard of quality, they can be removed from the Baeumler Approved Network without refund.

What are the benefits for homeowners?

Once they are fully approved, members can take advantage of the many benefits of the Baeumler Approved Program.

baeumlerTRUST – Connect with companies you know have an established history of quality work.

baeumlerEDUCATION – Know what to look for and ask for when hiring.

baeumlerCOMPARE – Get quotes from multiple sources at the click of a button.

baeumlerCONNECT – Find local companies that service your area specifically.

What are the benefits for members?

Once they are fully approved, members can take advantage of the many benefits of the Baeumler Approved Program.

baeumlerTRUST – Get your quote to the top of the pile.

baeumlerCONNECTION – Members can reach a huge audience through Baeumler Approved’s extensive reach.

baeumlerNETWORKING – Baeumler Approved Members join a group of likeminded companies with a similar work-ethic and philosophy.

baeumlerSAVINGS – Bryan’s sponsors and Baeumler Approved Partners offer amazing discounts and benefits for members.

What if I encounter issues?

In the event that a complaint is lodged, we will request reports from both the homeowner and the company involved.

If the Baeumler Approved Member is found to have contravened our code of conduct, or if they are not willing to make a good-faith effort to resolve the issue, their listing may be removed. This process is at the discretion of Baeumler Approved staff.

Baeumler Approved performs reference checks in order to verify previous history of work and quality of service. Homeowners are encouraged to perform additional reference checks and to ensure all permits, inspections, insurance and certifications are obtained.

Baeumler Approved does not accept liability for work completed by any Baeumler Approved Contractor and will not intervene in any form of legal dispute between members and customers. The Customer acknowledges that any contract entered into is entirely at the Customer’s own risk.

Baeumler approved contractors hold the highest standards in the industry.


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Who Is Bryan Baeumler?



Bryan doesn’t believe he’s put in an honest day’s work unless he gets his hands dirty! A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US for over seven years on the hit shows House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Leave it to Bryan.

On House of Bryan, fans watched in record-numbers as Bryan built a custom 3,500 square foot home for his family. On Disaster DIY, Bryan waged war on building shortcuts and taught well-intentioned DIY-ers how to bring their renovations back on track with a little tough love and a lot of humour. In his latest show, Leave it to Bryan, the veteran contractor helps reno-hungry homeowners prioritize the room they need, over the renovation they want.

Learning valuable tricks of the trade from his father, a meticulous aircraft engineer, Bryan spent his childhood summers building his family’s cottage from the ground up. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged at the age of 14 when he opened his own handyman business doing odd jobs for neighbours.

After earning a dual degree in Political Science and Business, Bryan was headed towards a career of practicing law. Realizing he’d rather be renovating than be chained to a desk, his innate passion for building took over and he traded in his tie for a tool belt and founded his contracting company Baeumler Quality Construction. Bryan has now built the ‘Baeumler Brand’ to include Baeumler Construction, Baeumler Approved, Baeumler Productions, Baeumler Media, and the newly launched Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids. Each and every one of his companies prides itself on professionalism, respect, and quality workmanship. A few years and several hit TV seasons later, Bryan’s tackling even more projects than ever – and loving every moment of it!

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