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Top 12 Winter Home Projects Guide

winter home projects

Shorter days and colder temperatures are a sure sign that winter has now arrived. Winter can be a good time for a variety of home projects that tend to get overlooked during the summer months. The most significant improvements are the little ones you can do without even going outside into the cold.

Check out our list of twelve home improvement projects to take on this winter and be sure to work with your contractor so you can rest assured that the work will be done correctly the first time.

Top 12 Winter Home Projects

Fresh Paint

Whether it’s time for a new coat of paint or you are sick of the pale yellow the last homeowner liked, painting can be a great way to renew and change a room. Some homeowners prefer to take on interior painting projects during the spring or summer, however late winter is actually a great time to change your wall colors. There is less moisture and humidity in the air when it is cold outside which means the paint will dry quicker.

The winter months often draw attention that certain rooms can be very dark when the sunlight doesn’t shine in. Try addressing this problem with your contractor by putting on a lighter, brighter coat of paint.

Re-Organized Your Space

Spring is usually known as the season for you to do a deep cleaning in your house, but winter is the perfect time to tackle some of those big organization projects.

Many people stay indoors more often due to the cold weather in the winter.  This should be viewed as a chance to declutter and organize your home, making it a more calming and stress-free environment. Dedicate to eliminating what you no longer need or use and create a process to keep what’s remaining organized.

Your clothing closet is a terrific place to start. If your clothing in your closet is stacked to the ceiling, sort your shirts, shoes, dresses, pants, etc. by type. Discover what you don’t need and discard. Sort everything that is left to organize your wardrobe. The same goes for linen closets; throw away or donate marked, ripped, or worn-out towels, washcloths, and sheets. If you need help organizing your clothing hire a contractor/designer to install new storage units in your closet.

Follow the same process in your bathrooms, kitchen, and garage to organize and declutter.

Heating System

Your heating system will need some TLC during the winter months. Most HVAC and furnace filters will need to be changed at least every 3 months (or more often if you have allergies, pets, or a large family). Hire an HVAC professional for regular maintenance on your heating system. You should have this done once each year to keep your system running properly. Your heating unit might work overtime to push heat through your home if you haven’t cleaned and inspected it.

Technology has greatly inspired home appliances in recent years, particularly when it comes to programmable thermostats. This must-do winter home improvement project lets you customize the heating and cooling in your home to fit your needs, automatically regulating the temperature in the home. With various programming options available on some thermostats, including the ability to control remotely, this improvement project will not only enhance your quality of life but save you money in the process.

New Flooring

Another way to spruce up your house is to replace the flooring. Old carpets can store dust and dirt that activate allergies, particularly if you’ve got pets in the home. Installing new flooring can help clean up years of dirt, get rid of allergens and give your home a fresh start.

Hire a contractor and start with this winter home project right away! Your contractor will assist you on what options are best suited for your space.

Refresh Lighting

Light fixture makeovers are one of the simplest ways to make your space trendier, increase its functionality and boost the complete style of your home.

From switching to energy-saving LED lighting and picking out a more up-to-date lighting design and fixtures, there are so many ways to update the lighting inside your home!

Before you get to work on switching out any bulbs in your home for LED replacements, first evaluate whether your fixtures are worth keeping, or if a light fixture update or refresh would better suit the look and function of your space!

Upgrading to LED and replacing light fixtures in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, and porch can have a great impact on the design of your home.

Cabinet Update

Refresh the style in your kitchen by replacing outdated drawer pulls and knobs on your kitchen cabinets. Especially during the cold winter months when you spend more time inside, adding some cabinet hardware that has a dash of color can make the kitchen more homey and joyful.

If your cabinets need to be replaced or you are thinking of a big kitchen renovation, contact your favorite contractor to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Cozy Fireplace Installation

Winter is synonymous with warmth and comfort, and what better way to enhance your home’s ambiance than by installing a cozy fireplace? Whether you opt for a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a more modern gas or electric option, a fireplace adds both visual appeal and warmth to your living space. Work with a contractor to determine the best location and style for your fireplace, creating a focal point that makes winter nights even more inviting.

Smart Home Integration

Take advantage of the winter months to upgrade your home’s technology by integrating smart home features. From smart thermostats to lighting systems and security devices, these innovations can enhance your home’s efficiency and convenience. Connect and control these devices from your smartphone, allowing you to manage your home’s settings even when you’re away. Collaborate with a tech-savvy contractor to seamlessly integrate these smart solutions into your home.

Window Replacement

Winter drafts and chilly windows can significantly impact your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Consider replacing old or inefficient windows with energy-efficient options. This not only helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature but also reduces heating costs. Work with a contractor to choose windows that complement your home’s style while providing superior insulation. The investment in new windows pays off with improved comfort and potential long-term energy savings.

Outdoor Retreat: Create a Winter Oasis

While winter may keep you indoors, transforming your outdoor space into a winter oasis can provide a refreshing change of scenery. Install a heated patio or a cozy outdoor fireplace to make your outdoor area usable even in colder months. Add some winter-friendly landscaping elements, such as evergreen plants and outdoor lighting, to create a picturesque winter retreat. Collaborate with a contractor to design and implement these outdoor enhancements, turning your backyard into a year-round sanctuary.

Cozy Basement Renovations

The winter months are an excellent time to focus on transforming your basement into a functional and inviting space. Consider renovating the basement to create a home office, entertainment room, or a cozy guest suite. This project not only adds valuable square footage to your home but also provides a versatile space that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Work closely with a contractor to address any structural considerations, insulation needs, and design elements, turning your basement into a well-utilized extension of your living space.

Luxurious Winter Bathroom Upgrade

Elevate your winter experience by upgrading your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Consider installing a heated flooring system to keep your feet warm on cold mornings. Upgrade fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, to modern and water-efficient options. Incorporate additional storage solutions to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. A bathroom upgrade not only enhances daily comfort but also adds a touch of indulgence to your winter routine. Collaborate with a contractor to bring your bathroom upgrade vision to life, creating a spa-like escape within the confines of your home.


As winter unfolds, seize the opportunity to not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also to improve its functionality and efficiency. Whether you’re embracing the warmth of a new fireplace or incorporating smart home technology, these additional projects will elevate your home and make it a haven of comfort and style throughout the winter months and beyond.

Wintertime is a great time to start home improvement projects that make your home a more welcoming place to try to find shelter from the cold winter. Stay warm!

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