Recently, people have started working from home and this has become a new thing. However, not everyone is able to easily switch to working from home due to the lack of space. When it comes to small spaces, it might be difficult to get any work done when there is no proper setup present. But, all that is about to change because no matter how small the space is, there are numerous ways through which a person can create a decent working environment right from the comfort of their home. Working from home has proven to significantly increase productivity, especially when there is a well-designed office space. Listed below are different desk ideas that you can use when creating your own home office.

Small Space Offices

Tiny Alcove Desk Space

Rooms with alcoves can quickly be converted into a functioning office space. Despite the small space, a built-in desk can be installed in an alcove, whether it is in a bedroom or any of the other rooms. Plus, a corkboard can be hung up for all the important notes and other things.

Lucite Furniture

Sometimes, bulky furniture can make a small space look crowded. That is where crystal clear Lucite furniture comes into the picture. A desk and chair made from this material can easily blend in with the surroundings of the room due to its see-through factor, making it the ideal work office for small spaces.

Floating Desks

Floating desks are perfect for home offices as they save up a lot of space. There are different styles of floating desks available. Some desks consist of just a slab of wood that is installed into the wall either with screws or hinges. Some of these desks also have a drawer or two, which can be used as storage space.

Repurposed Antique Tables

There are numerous types of vintage tables that are available in antique stores. They come in all sorts of sizes; hence, finding one for a small space shouldn’t be that difficult. Not only do they look good, they won’t cost a fortune either.

Murphy Desk

Similar to the Murphy bed, the desk version also comes with a foldable option. This style is perfect for small homes as it saves a lot of space. This is a wall-mounted desk that can easily be folded up and it stays flat against the wall when not in use. When it is time to use it, all a person has to do is pull it back down and adjust the legs in order to set up their office space.

Foldable Desk

The foldable desk is similar to the Murphy desk, except this one does not have any legs and comes with shelves for storage purposes.This is a foldup desk that is mounted to a wall. When it is in its foldup position, the flat underside of the desk can be used for different purposes. Usually, that side is made of chalkboard where important notes can be written or a corkboard, where you can pin pictures or notes. When it is time to use it, the desk can easily be pulled down.

Leaning Ladder Desk

This is a simple desk consisting of a compact desk installed into a ladder-like mechanism, which can easily lean against a wall without taking up much space. Generally, these desks come with some sort of shelving for storing small things, such as pens and papers. The desk is big enough and has enough space for a notebook or a laptop. 

Two Tier Adjustable Desk

This desk comes with all sorts of features. Firstly, it is great for homes with small spaces as it can be transferred to different rooms due to the built-in wheels and can basically be fixed anywhere. Secondly, it is adjustable, which is another great factor for a small office. Also, the person using the desk can alternate between standing and sitting while they work, meaning they can adjust the table according to their position. This desk comes with or without shelves.

Secretary Desk

This old-fashioned desk is available in different styles. Firstly, it is available in its standard look and color, similar to the olden times. On the other hand, a modernized version of this desk is also available in colors and styles that match today’s time. This foldout secretary-style desk is a smart option for people with small spaces. Different supplies can be stored in the inside space when the desk is closed, while the fold-down desktop can be used as a work surface.

Sliding Desk

This multipurpose desk comes with a lot of features. Usually, a desk like this consists of drawer cabinets that provide plenty of storage. The best part is that there is a separate desk section installed on top of these two cabinets that just slides out the cabinet when in use and back over the cabinet when it is not in use. This saves up quite a bit of space, making this desk an ideal option to use for a small home office.

Desk inside a Closet

There are some small homes that come with plenty of closet space and wall-mounted shelving. That space can be utilized and used as a home office. A small-sized desk can be placed inside the closet and the shelving can be used as storage space. A lot of the time these closets come with a sliding door; hence, the office space can easily be concealed once the work is done.


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