Curling up in front of the fireplace seems like the best idea in the world on a cold winters day and having a hot cup of cocoa and a good book seems. But winters are also a really good time to tackle some winter home projects. There are a ton of winter house projects that you can work on during the winter. Winters are a great time to do that indoor project that you have been meaning to do for long.

Today we have compiled a whole list of projects that you can do this winter. They are sure to keep your house warm and cozy this season. Read our list and find the project that best suits your house and most importantly, you!

Don’t worry none of these projects will break your bank. And won’t take up all of your time. You will still have time to enjoy your coffee and a good book.

·       Get a fresh coat of paint

Nothing makes the house fresh like a new set of paint. Are you tired of looking at the same walls again and again? Do you want to change the color of your living room? Or your child’s nursery? Is your teenager out of the pink baby phase? Are you done with your child’s football wall sticker? If the answer to any of these is yes. Then please listen to us. It’s time to get a fresh coat of paint on those walls.

Getting your house repainted is a good idea all the time. But it is an exceptional idea in winter as most of us spend more time indoors. Hire a contractor and get on board with this cool winter house project. Your contractor will guide you on the color that you should get next or maybe you can help him decide the theme for your house. Maybe you can finally get your kids to do some winter cleaning this way. Or maybe they can just clean their wardrobes before moving them around. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you!

·       Get your space re-organized

Do you have a huge makeup room? Or is your wardrobe falling out of every place? Do you want to install new storage units in your room? If yes, then hire a professional organizer and start doing that. You are going to spend most of the winters indoors, you might as well make the most out of it. By organizing your space you can get double the amount of work done there.

There are many places in a house that you can get reorganized. You can get your wardrobe organized. Skim through your clothes. Throw out the ones that you haven’t touched in the last year. Chances are you are never going to wear them again. Keep the ones that you want. Narrow it done to 25% percent. Now let the contractor redesign your space. They might get you a fresh set of drawers or dividers. But they will surely make the place look as good as new. I’m sure you will appreciate having more space around the house to store all those new clothes that you got from amazing holiday sales.

You can do the same for your bathrooms or even your kitchen.

·       Maintain your heating system

Now you should have ideally done that before winter. But it’s better to be late than never. Your heating system is the most used piece of equipment in your house during winters. So we are sure that it can use some love during the winter. Always keep an eye out on the boiler and make sure that it is at the optimal temperature. Also, ensure that the water is not overflowing and that everything is in place. Also, don’t forget to get the filters changed.

You should ideally get your heating system checked quarterly. Especially if you have pets or toddlers at home. Also, get them checked if you live in a particularly smoky or polluted area. Or if you have a large family. Because the bigger the family, the more dirt your house gets exposed to.

·       Get new flooring

Another way to make your house look new is to get new flooring. Floors can change your entire house’s outlook. New flooring will give your house the makeover that you always wanted. Change them brown tiles for something new. Hire a contractor and start with this winter home project right away. The contractor will guide you on what looks best and for the best price and what is in trend right now.

·       Install some new lightings around the house

We cannot think of a better winter home project. The vibe around the house in winters could be gloomy. And installing new lights is like the best idea ever. Go to some home department stores and browse around for the type of lights that you want. Or consult a professional to get some lights strategically placed around your house.

The best place to get new lights installed is in the kitchen. Get some hanging lights around the cooking and eating area. This will help you get amazing shots of all that food and will also look great in your Christmas pictures.

You can even change all your light bulbs to LED lights.

·       Replace your cabinets

By replacing your cabinets, we don’t necessarily mean to change the entire set, just the doors are fine. Get new doors. Or get your current doors painted. This will give a fresh look to your house. Also, the old cabinet’s doors get sticky and old looking. And it does not look good to have tarnished doors so get them changed. You can even change the entire cabinets if you want but that is going to cost you more.


Happy winters everyone. Enjoy your coca but don’t forget to try on one of these winter home projects, reach out to Lifestyle Renovations with your winter project.