Kitchen Renovation Ideas on a budget

kitchen renovation ideas

One of the most important rooms in the house is a kitchen. No house can properly function without it. Ironically, it is also the most expensive room to remodel. On average a kitchen remodel costs almost the same as a brand new SUV. You could remodel almost two other rooms at the price of one kitchen. Bedrooms, bathrooms, study room even the living room remodels fall pale in contrast to the kitchen.

Kitchen renovations are not only costly but can also be a very physically exhausting task. You need to pick the right cabinets, flooring, backsplash, countertops, lighting, paint and plumbing fixtures. It would take you days and months on end to select the right pick for you. Even looking for things as small and insignificant as a drawer knob can take you days. The thing about a kitchen is that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference in the overall look. Luckily for you, our proficient team at Lifestyle Renovations can help you with the remodels. Other than helping you stay in budget, we also provide consultancy to achieve the optimal solution for you.

Today we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that would not only help you bring down the costs of renovations but also make the renovations easier.

Have a grand plan

Having an experienced contractor for this step is essential. The contractor will help you map out and save you from the surprise’s mid renovations.

Having a grand plan with all the points and products sorted out before starting renovations is always a good idea. Select the professionals that you want to work with. Choose all the elements that you want to incorporate in your kitchen. Select the marble designs and the countertops. Jot down every single detail and make notes. Then go with the plan. Note down all the points and make an elaborate plan so that there are no surprises along the way.

Picking products and elements during the way can be way pricier. And in the spur of the moment, most people tend to pick the option is most easily available, this, in turn, makes the project costly. To avoid this, try to have a sought out plan in which everything is completely outlined. When you would have a plan you can look for alternatives for an expensive item and keep the budget in check.

Embrace the current layout

Being dramatic and changing the entire kitchen layout is a huge cost striking move. Working around the same framework can help save you a lot of money. Similarly, sticking to the current layout of your kitchen would help you save money. Changing the kitchen layout means moving around the walls and changing the plumbing. It would also require moving around the doorways and the windows. All of this moving around would cost money and make a huge dent in your budget.

Moving around the electrical appliances such as dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven means that you would have to change the wiring. This also means tearing out the walls and rewiring all around the house. Other than it would add up the costs of plumbing.

Try to work with your current layout or work your way around it a little bit.  If you want to change the layout then we suggest going for a single wall framework. Lining up all the appliances along one wall would not require a lot of plumbing and could be fixed in your budget.

Re-use your old cabinets

Great kitchen renovation ideas on a budget can come from your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be very expensive too, and your old cabinets can be reused. It is important to keep in mind that tear and replace projects are more expensive than the ones that reuse old materials. There are several ways in which the old cabinets can be reused. It is not only cost-effective but it is also environment-friendly.

You can reuse some of your old cabinets by repainting them so that they would look new and fresh. You can also add a wooden or a foil veneer on the outsides of your cabinets to give them a fresh look. This is more expensive but it would completely change the old doors and make them look new. Another thing that you might want to consider is to replace the drawers and front doors. This completely changes the layout and would still cost less than buying new ones.

An option you can do is replace some of your cabinets with open shelves. They make the room look more airy and spacious. The bonus of using shelves is that it serves a dual purpose. It can be used for decoration and storage purposes.

Light up your life by adding lights to your kitchen

Try playing around with lights to help make your kitchen bright and welcoming. Use styling lights such as hanging overhead lights in small areas would make them appear big. Hang pendants above the areas where most of the cook’s work is to be carried out. Hang lights around the cabinets to give a modern touch that would cost you peanuts. A professional contractor would help you place lights around the room strategically.

Use the wonder of the internet for kitchen renovation ideas

Using second hand or slightly used products when remodeling a kitchen can be a budget-friendly way of updating. Keep an eye out on different online marketplaces where reliable people are selling off their kitchen elements. Sometimes they could fit perfectly in your budget and also give a vintage touch to your kitchen. You can get amazing kitchen floorings and countertops for half the price than the market rates. This would help reduce the waste and would prove to be a win-win situation for both the environment and you!


The contractors at Lifestyle Renovations can help you with your kitchen renovation ideas and help you plan and design according to your budget.

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