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Benefits of Using a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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When you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new one, including an appropriate bathroom ventilation system is an important feature to add to your bathroom. The installation of a quality bathroom exhaust fan will contribute to the removal of excess moisture from your house which will result in reduced moisture damage, humidity, odors, and mould.

Bathroom ventilation fans are available in a variety of sizes and offer additional features to suit individual installation requirements, household needs, and personal tastes. The exhaust fans are connected to the light switches in the bathroom and can include other helpful features like timers, humidity sensors or electronic fan controls. Also available are also exhaust fans with integrated lighting or heating lamps, energy-efficient models, and much more.

How Do Bathroom Exhaust Fans Work?

A bathroom exhaust fan is wired pretty much the same way as the light fixtures on the ceiling. Meaning they can be turned on and off through a switch that is wired to the circuit that provides current to the light fixtures. Some fans also have a timer that permits the fan to run for a specific amount of time. When the bathroom fan is turned on, the air is pulled out of the bathroom through the enclosure of the fan and into the duct or hose that leads to the opening of the vent, which is usually situated either on the roof or the house’s sidewall. The end of the air vent where the air exits from is protected by a louvered cover plate and when not in use it keeps the duct sealed.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Having a bathroom exhaust fan comes with its own advantages. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Air Quality is Greatly Improved

Exhaust fans in the bathroom help eliminate the dampness and humidity that can result in the production of mildew and mould which have been known to cause various breathing issues such as asthma. Exhaust fans improve indoor air quality by removing humidity, odors, and contaminants from your bathroom.

  1. No More Foggy Mirrors

Streaks are formed when a foggy mirror is wiped down. But not wiping down a foggy mirror can also result in the same problem. Installing a bathroom exhaust fan gets rid of this problem.

  1. Maintenance of Your House

Humidity, steam, water, and moisture can potentially not only damage the bathroom but also the house. Breeding grounds for various different kinds of bacteria and allergens are created that can result in the destruction of everything from the drywall to the furniture. Getting rid of that humidity and moisture through the bathroom fan can result in the prevention of unnecessary house maintenance and repairs.

  1. Reduced Production of Mildew and Mould

Due to the warm, wet, and humid environment of the bathroom, bathtubs and showers are prone to breed and grow mould. The mould on the tiles, on the grout and the mildew in the shower, is not only grown inside the bathroom, but it spreads outside as well. Therefore, a bathroom exhaust fan will get rid of the moisture from the house, and leave the house feeling fresh and bacteria-free. 

  1. A Refreshing Scent Is Achieved

The presence of a bathroom exhaust fan will result in less production of the mould and the mildew. Plus, there will be less airborne matter and particles from the toilet. Due to all of these, a considerably cleaner and fresher quality of the air is achieved.

  1. There Are Various Options to Choose From

Bathroom exhaust fans come in various, styles, colors and sizes. They might come in an individual model that just has a ventilating fan or a combined unit that has the fan and a fitted light or a heat lamp. Nowadays, there are much more sophisticated and technology-friendly models that include a Bluetooth speaker, which allows the owner to play music using any media system.


In conclusion, bathroom exhaust fans are a necessary feature to have in the house where the heat and moisture levels are high, which are usually places such as the bathroom or the kitchen. When deciding on a replacement bathroom exhaust fan remember to determine the size, fan speed, fan noise, features and style you require. Hire a contractor for your bathroom renovation to ensure the choice of location of an exhaust fan is correct and that the installation is completed accurately and safely.


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