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A bathroom sink is so much more than a functional necessity. It is a serious design statement, with the power to define the look and feel of your space. Whether you are searching for something spare and sculptural or something that is sleek and storage-friendly (or maybe you have no idea where to begin), the seemingly numerous options can turn to choose the right sink for your bath into a daunting task. So, during your bathroom renovation, your contractor will help you determine what sinks suits your lifestyle and your space the best.

Consider the Style

A renovated bathroom can either improve the style of the home or be an eclectic and exclusive area of the house. The bathroom of the house can express your style or merge with the classic and architectural feel of your house. It all depends on your budget; thus, it is always a good idea to have an ideal style in mind.

There are various styles of bathroom sinks to choose from when renovating your bathroom. They all come in several varieties and materials. Therefore, it is best to select the one that is suitable for bathroom usage and space.

Different Styles of Sinks

Top-Mount Sink

This type of sink sits on top of the counter. The rim of the sink is visible and could be thick or thin depending on the style needed for the bathroom.

PROS: It can be fitted on any type of countertop material. It is also ideal for laminated or wood countertops since the cut-out gets covered. Therefore, minimal damage takes place because of water. It is an inexpensive and easy to install option.

CONS: Nevertheless, water might end up spilling from the sink and on the counter due to the rim above it.

Undercounter or Undermount Sink

When going through bathroom renovations, this type of sink is a great option for large families. It is modern, clean, and unique while providing plenty of counter space underneath it. The rim is fixed to the underside, and it is ideal for a busy bathroom that is being used by a significant number of people.

PROS: When it comes to aesthetics, this style gives a clean and seamless look, and the sink itself is less visible. Plus, it is easier to clean since the spills of water can be wiped directly into the sink from the countertop.

CONS: This type of sink would not suit laminate or wood countertops; it should be installed on top of a solid surface such as stone since it will not be sealed from moisture. Plus, this style is more costly as compared to the top-mount sinks.

Vessel Sink

These types of sinks mostly come in a bowl-shape that is placed on top of a counter. It does not require an undermount installation. Certain models of the sink sit somewhat below the counter. This style of sink is generally higher and requires a pop-up drain.

PROS: This type of sink is perfect for holding plenty of water since it is quite deep. Vessel sinks create a statement in bathrooms and demand attention.

CONS: It could get a bit complex to clean at the back and around the base of the sink. The height of the counter and the vessel sink need to be appropriate so it would not be uncomfortable or difficult to use it.

Pedestal Sink

If storage is not the main concern then a pedestal sink is a great option. It makes the room appear larger due to it’s tasteful, sleek, and sophisticated look. Additionally, it comes in various shapes and styles that add a decorative appeal to the space. In this sink, the waste pipe runs through the floor and has to be permanent.

PROS: This type of sink is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also easily conceals the pipework.

CONS: There is no space for storage. Plus, it is difficult to clean the area between the wall and the sink.

Wall-Mounted Sink

This type of sink is hung from the wall on a specific height and location that is best suited to you. This style of sink is gaining popularity when it comes to bathroom renovations due to its various exquisite designs. Plus, it is also perfect for universal access applications. It gives a smooth look, giving a minimalistic feel to the bathroom. The plumbing and the waste should be placed inside the wall to give the space a clean look.

PROS: This style of sink has no cabinets underneath it, thus it saves on space. It makes the bathroom appear bigger due to more available space.

CONS: This style would not be appropriate for bathrooms with storage needs. Not only is there no storage space, but there is also no landing space as well.

Semi-Recessed Sink

This sink is ideal for bathrooms with limited space, but storage can be added. It provides shallower cabinets while it sits on the front of countertops.

PROS: A sink like this allows you to get closer to the faucet with no difficulty. This sink also frees up counter space, while providing valuable floor space.

CONS: Storage space is limited. There is a countertop in front of the sink; therefore, the bathroom is bound to have more spills of water.

Console Sink

This style of sink is a cross between a pedestal and a wall-mounted sink. There is an exposed base and it can be used as both a counter and a basin. There is an option for an open shelf underneath it. Plus, this style is a good option for small spaces.

PROS: It is compact with a lot more storage, and saves a lot of space. More area is available to place toiletries and other things. Plus, this is a stylish option to go for when renovating the bathroom.

CONS: Despite having storage space, the area is still limited. The exposed plumbing does not provide a clean look to the bathroom. Moreover, the extra width is too broad for a small bathroom.


When it comes to bathroom renovations, it is always the best option to call in the expert. A contractor will help and guide the owner throughout the entire process. Lifestyle Renovations has complete knowledge of everything related to renovating a bathroom and will help you out from the initial design until the very end.


In the end, it is crucial to pick the type of bathroom sink that is comfortable and just right. It is important to manage the bathroom renovations in accordance with the budget, the space available, and your needs.

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