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Where to put the TV in a family room

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Where do I put my TV?”

Whether you are remodeling a family room or moving into a new home – this question comes in every homeowner’s mind at some point.

In an era where fireplaces are replaced by central heating systems and Kindle took over the bookcases – the TV set remains to be a focal point of most (if not all) living rooms. Everyone watches TV during some part of the day. And it is usually the family or the living room where they gather in evenings to watch their favorite shows or the day’s news to wind down.

Due to this, a lot of thought goes when purchasing the latest model of TV but often the proper placement of the same is ignored. In fact, many homeowners place the TV set in such a way that it disrupts the arrangement of the furniture, making the complete room appear disorganized. To them, the idea of having the television in front of the sofa works just fine.

However, there is subtle science involved in interior designing and implementing them can ensure an intimate living space for family time around the TV.

Choose the right size of the TV

Although this primarily depends on your budget, the size should also be factorized by the area of the family room, viewer’s count, and how far the sofa is from the television set. If the family room is often crowded with guests, a small set might not give everyone an adequate viewing angle while a large-screen TV may dominate a small room. On the other hand, having a seating arrangement that is too close to a TV set may not be comfortable to the eye.

In fact, Samsung recommends dividing the viewing distance (in inches) by 2 to get the recommended TV size for the family room.

Find the right height

Since it’s much more comfortable to look straight ahead then crane your neck up, the height of the TV should be at eye level of the person who is sitting down and not standing up. However, if the TV is mounted high on the wall, the screen should be angled down for comfortable viewing.

What about the viewing distance

Surprisingly, an optimal viewing distance is dependent on the size of the TV and not on the arrangements of the sofa. The distance is based on two things – the size of the TV and its resolution. When it comes to the TV’s size, the theory is pretty simple. The bigger the TV screen is – the farther the seating arrangement should be.

The resolution of the TV indicates the number of pixels per square inch – with the more pixels giving better resolution. A standard TV set is usually 720 pixels per inch. However, the newer models are equipped with HD that has a resolution of 1080p. There is also the Ultra HD that has over 4000 pixels per inch.

In simple words, the higher the resolution of the TV is, the closer one can sit to the screen.

Never too low…

According to a 2011-2013 report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 11,000 children under the age of 18 were brought in the emergency rooms for injuries involving TV sets or accidents that involved both – furniture and TV.

A falling TV can injure children and even pets. This is why contractors at Lifestyle Renovations discourage homeowners from placing the TV too low or where the young humans can easily access it.

Makes sure it’s close to the power source

Hanging power cords create an unpleasing view. When placing a TV, it is important to locate the closest power source along with internet cables to handle all the ‘extras’ that come with the TV set.

TV over the fireplace—yes or no?

A TV over the mantle may seem like a ‘magazine’ idea but ask any decorator and they would discourage it indefinitely. Not only will the placement be too high but also the large, black screen might take the limelight away from the gorgeous fireplace. Those who choose to put the TV above the hearth may consider getting a flat screen that mounts directly on the wall. It is also a good idea to divide the family room in two portions – one for watching TV and the other to relax by the fire. Placing the TV set perpendicular to the fireplace can also create an appealing living space.

What about a room with lots of windows

A room with plenty of windows may seem like a fantastic idea but when it comes to TV placement – things get a bit difficult as direct light from windows can add glare to the screen. The simplest solution is to invest in window treatments such as drapes and shades. It is best to avoid placing the TV right in front a window. Instead, utilize any unused wall for mounting the TV or use a small console/table for the equipment.

Decorate it

Another way to enhance the TV set with the décor of the living room is to place it within a bookcase and surround it with books, photos, and décor items. A gallery wall can also be created where photographs, paintings, and prints circle the television set. Mounting the flat TV on a dark-colored wall or patterned wallpaper is also a good way to accessorize the black screen.

In the end,

If you are still at loss on how to make the most of your living space with TV and other furniture, visit us at Lifestyle Renovations. The interior designing experts are proficient at their work and will be happy to answer any queries the client may have regarding proper placement of the furniture and other equipment.

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