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Ways to Creating a Chic Home Office


How to create a Chic Home Office

When people decorate their home they mostly focus on creating a comfortable space that originates from their personal sense of style. The same applies in the case of home offices because this is a part of the house that is dedicated just to you and is usually not shared with anyone else. Whether you are a full-time employee at a company and want to keep your work documents all in one place or you are a remote worker who needs to get things done at home, you need a productive environment where you are not disturbed or distracted. There are a few ideas listed below that you can use to get started on remodeling your home office.

Dedicate a Specific Area

When you are envisioning the office in your mind then it is important to take all the activities you’ll be carrying out in that space into consideration. It is likely that you will need a desk where you can sit down and work on the computer or look at the paperwork. But often people need to complete a number of tasks and they might require a separate focus area.

In addition to the workstation, additional seats can be added to the place for possible meetings or discussions with partners and clients. It can also be used to seat any additional family members you work with. It is important to dedicate a specific area to each person in order to stay organized. You might need to add this to your home renovations plan if there is no room in the house that can serve as an office.

Add Sufficient Storage Space

It can be difficult to keep track of all the documents and files in an office. If you are someone who has the tendency to let stuff pile then it is important that you add storage solutions to your home office. In the design think of utilizing available space such as beneath the desk or over the table to save room. Open shelves are the most functional solution and it also looks decorative.

If the space is not organized then you cannot function properly no matter how motivated you are to work. Do not waste any space and tuck in the printers and files in any corner you can use. A pinboard on the wall is also the perfect place to post all reminders and notes so that they are always in your sight.

Choose a Color Scheme

Color theory offers many insights into the colors that can be chosen to decorate a room. Specific colors incite specific feels and emotions within the human mind. For example, the color blue can put us into a relaxed mood whereas yellow triggers an anxious response.

Because you want to remain focused when you are in an office, it is important that you do not choose bright and dazzling designs because the bursts of color will only distract you. Instead choose neutral shades that will allow you to pay attention to your tasks for the day.

Add a Personal Touch

Even though the home office is a place where you are to focus entirely on your work, you should also focus on creating an environment that makes you happy so you don’t mind spending a lot of time in there. A few of the decoration pieces such as photographs on the wall and art hangings can be from your personal collection.

The most efficient way to create a cohesive design between personal and official is to choose accent colors by matching them with your personal items. Use a few and eye-catching personal items and then incorporate the bold colors in them throughout the interior of the room.

Use Natural Light

Studies show that natural light can have a major impact on the productivity of workers inside the office. It lifts the mood and motivates them to work efficiently. These concepts can also be applied to the home office by adding large windows or skylights. You can talk to your contractor about making necessary modifications to the room as part of your home renovations.

The blinds on the windows should be non-intrusive to let in some light even if they are down. Another way to create a fresh and natural home office is by adding greenery to the room. This could be in the form of plants, flowers or any other flora. They will keep the air in the room fresh and promote good health.

Be Unique

When you are working in an actual office there is not a lot of room for customization. The best part about a home office is that you can design your own workstation. The place can be functional as well as fashionable. You can add a dramatic touch to the room and showcase your inner drama queen by using bold center pieces or lighting fixtures. A rug can be added to the floor to make it look cozy as well as colourful. The décor has to reflect your personality so that people immediately know what kind of worker you are and it will also make for the perfect background for your Instagram or Facebook posts.

Reuse Décor

If you have already spent enough money customizing the room with cabinets, lighting fixtures and windows then you can find ways to save on décor. It is a good idea to pick up a few pieces from other rooms of the house and placing them together instead of buying new items. You can make use of art pieces and photographs already in the house and strategically install them in your home office.


Designing a workspace in your home is not that difficult, all you have to do is find the right contractor (Lifestyle Renovations) that can take care of the home renovations process. From adding a new room to the house or extending an existing room to create more space, the contractor can help create the perfect place for you to sit down and concentrate on your job.



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